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Master Hair stylist, colorist, and MUA

I discovered my passion for doing hair and makeup as a young girl. I remember cutting and playing with my dolls’ hair for hours, which later on turned into doing my friends’ hair for many occasions. In high school, I decided to act on my natural creativity and enrolled in beauty school as a junior.

Right away, I went hands on into the field and started working at a local salon. The fact that I was a very visual learner helped me pick up new methods and tricks to styling hair. By the time I obtained my license, I had already built a small clientele and had found my own way to hairstyle with in the beauty industry.

I love the beauty industry so much that I continued to pursue more education. I have participated in many specialty hair color, cuts, and updo classes all over New Jersey and New York. I have also competed and won many styling competitions, participated in fashion shows, and ran creative photo shoots. I have worked in different salons all over New Jersey and have obtained experience working with different hair color brands, as well as becoming an expert in working with different types of hair styles and textures.

After learning so many skills from so many different people, I decided it was time to teach others what I know. I obtained a job as an artistic educator for MATRIX. With the company, my team and I traveled all around the tri-state area and taught others how to formulate color.

After working for the company for a short period of time, I decided to start my own company. I had experience doing bridal hair and makeup by servicing a couple of my personal clients for their special day. I really enjoyed helping women feel beautiful for their wedding, so I decided to build a company that does just that.

With this idea in mind, I graduated from Montclair University with a BS in International Business and Management. Now with my own company, “Allison’s Hair Creations”, I have been offering on-location hair and makeup services for weddings and events all over the tri-state area for many years. It has brought me great joy having the opportunity to be part of so many great fairy tales.

With my company running smoothly, I also work at Wisper Hair Salon. Wisper is an amazing, full service salon, where clients can come to me for their daily beauty needs. With this great salon and my own business, I look forward to helping make the world more beautiful one person at a time! Please continue to enjoy my site. Thank you all!

Allison Pacheco

CEO Allison’s Hair Creations

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