5 Ways to Curl Your Hair

If you’re looking to try out different curling techniques, you’ve come to the right place! I love wearing my hair wavy and curly- whether it's loose Victoria's Secret inspired waves or tight Shirley Temple curls. I love it all and always experiment with new ways I can achieve different looking...

Humidity & Hair

In the heat of summer, you might feel your hair expanding inch by inch the second you step outside. Frustrated after spending an extra 15 minutes heat styling only to be undone by the humidity. Or, the opposite happens. Your full, flowing locks fall flat and are suddenly stuck to...

Should you Make a Change?

Ever thought about mixing it up a bit? I mean going lighter, darker, shorter, or even more colorful. Is your hair accenting your best features? Could it be better? If you're like me and think of your hair as an accessory, these things might have crossed your mind a time...

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